Thursday, October 27, 2011


This past week/ weekend has been......very different for me.  And its actually kinda hard to explain what all has been going on.  Nothing bad, just different.  And not really hard, just not easy.  So yeah.  Prepare for a little insight into the randomness and craziness of my brain :]

 But first!  Song of the post is Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture.  Amazing song.  Listen to it.  See.  I made it easy :]

Basically, God has just really been working on my heart and attitude.  I feel like He is asking me, "What are you thinking about, Kirsten?  What is important to you?" On Sunday night, we had a different sort of worship time then normal.  It was complete silence.  For an hour and a half, no one said anything to each other.  We were just supposed to pray and listen to what God was saying to us.  Very....different.  Hard and convicting, but good at the same time.  That's when God showed me where I was placing my focus and how I was worrying about things and thinking on unimportant things too much.  So that was on my mind a lot this week.  I'm growing. 

Monday and Tuesday our sessions were on spiritual warfare.  Our speaker, Conrad Eash, REALLY knows what he is talking about in this area.  It was crazy.  Some of the things he has experienced are just really crazy.  I guess I have not been around much spiritual warfare stuff, so it was just really really eye opening.  We were taught ways to fight it and just deal with it appropriately.  THEN, we had a time of praying for each other and for the different things that we were going through.  It was AWESOME.  I was praying for some other people and some really cool things were happening, and then Tina turned and said, "We need to pray for Kirsten.  I just really feel like we should pray for her."

So, they started praying for me.  And God was definitely speaking through them!  SO COOL.  Its like they saw right through me.  They prayed against depression on outreach and against worry and intimidation.  AHHHH.  It was just really awesome.  Exactly what I needed to hear.  And it was so awesome to see how God speaks through people. 

Today, we had a really good speaker as well.  His name is Galen Burkholder, and he is an incredible man of God.  He spoke on World Realities and compassion and stuff.  It really hit me.  Just hearing about different regions and cultures is really interesting for me.  And seeing how much we have in comparison with others really hits me hard.  I want to help.  I wanna make a difference.  It was just really inspiring.  Still processing through it obviously.  Hopefully talk more about it later.

This weekend we have Silent Retreat.  Basically, for a little over 24 hours, we must be silent and fast.  Its a time for us to just reflect on God's presence and relax.  We dont really have a schedule, and its just time to be with God.  I'm excited for it and at the same time I dont really know if I'm gonna like it.  It's weird.  But I think it will be really good.  Just pray that God will really speak during this time and that I get a lot of stuff accomplished and just refocus. 

So yeah.  I feel really rushed right now.  So I apologize for this rushed post.  But I wanted to fill you guys in before this weekend because I feel like I will have a lot to talk about after it from the retreat.  Thanks for all the support.  I have gotten a lot of treats and mail from good ol' Plain City this week and I cant tell you how much it means.  It just makes my day.  You guys are awesome.  God bless!

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