Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Africa and all its Awesome: Preview

I know.  I haven't put up the blog yet.  And its dumb and I'm way behind.  It's overwhelming me at the moment.  But I can assure you (whoever you are) that I am working on it.  There is just so much that I don't wanna leave out because its so good for myself to go back and read what God has done in my life.  And these are the memories that I don't wanna miss.  So I hope to have it up and finished soon.  HOPE.  Especially with my second round of REACH underway.  I will need to start blogging about that really soon here too.  So, yeah.  I do wanna just touch on a few things tho that I find myself missing immensely in this very moment just thinking about Uganda.

I miss the night time there.  I miss sitting around, listening to legends and stories told by Eyan.  What a fantastic kid who is in my heart.  I miss laying on the grass, just giggling and talking with 4 crazy girls.  We seriously just laid down in the middle of a game of "Tag" and just looked at the beauty of the sky and moon.  Then they started teaching me random words in their language.  And we just laughed!  My heart longs to go back to the spot right now.  I miss evening prayer time.  I will explain it more in depth later, but basically all the kids just gather in front of the kitchen area and someone starts beating on a water jug and songs begin and its beautiful.  Everyone is dancing and smiling and singing at the top of their lungs.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  I can only imagine what God and Heaven's reaction is :]

I miss the peacefulness of life.  Nothing is hurried over there.  There is no freaking out that goes on typically.  Sure, that is a positive thing and a negative thing at times, but I miss it.  I love the "go with the flow" attitude that culture holds.  I miss pumping water from the well.  I miss red dirt.  I miss bananas served every way you can possibly think of.  I miss sugar cane.  I miss them tugging on my hair.  And I REALLY miss being called a mzungu.

But in all of this missing and wishing to be back, there is hope.  There is hope because I know I will see those kids again some day.  I pray that they are all still around when God allows me to go back to the physically again, but even if they aren't, I know I will see them in Heaven. But, I have joy because I KNOW I will be back in that beautiful orphanage again some day.  I pray that it is soon, but only God knows.  And I'm trusting Him and trying to follow His plan for each of my days until then.  The rest of the adventure should be posted soon.  In the meantime, go make disciples.

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