Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Like You

Ok, so originally this post was supposed to be published like a week ago.  But it never went through and a TON of the post just didnt even get saved.  So, im just gonna continue from my life now.

I feel like songs really inspire me at this time in my life.  The words of what I listen to are so much more important to me now than they were even just a couple months ago.  I love it.  Right now one of the songs that I can't get over is "Just Like You" but Lecrae.  Loving the Lecrae right now as well.  But if you just listen to the words of the song its very cool.  He is a genuine guy, and has some pretty sweet rhymes. 

Life at the RIC so far is GREAT!  I am getting to know people, laughing, and I already feel my self starting to grow.  I feel like I have learned so much already that I can't even update adequately.  But, I've learned about prayer, worship, and just loving God in general.  We went on a prayer walk, had a mall hunt at Easton, did a prayer challenge in Columbus, ate a lot of different types of food, and ran at 6 in the morning.  Yes, I said ran at 6 IN THE MORNING.  Life is crazy different, but I really like the difference.  It's sort of hard to miss stuff back home, but I know its gonna be worth it in the end. 

Last night we had the best worship experience.  I'm already looking forward to Sunday nights all the time.  Good stuff.  Everyone should experience worship like this.  I don't know, I just don't even know where to start.  Life here is good, and I've learned so many things and just can't even sum it all up on here.  So, I guess I'm just gonna MAKE SURE I publish this post and begin filling you guys in from now on.  Sound good?  Good.  :]

Love you all.  Please continue to keep all of us here at training in your prayers.  You are all missed!

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