Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Is Here

I love music.  So inspiring.  Song of the day/week/year is Love is Here by Tenth Avenue North.  Basically, it has the most perfect message in the world.  It's a special song for me.  I think that everyone is searching for love in their life.  A lot of people look for their fill of love in an earthly, tangible form.  And while this isn't a bad thing, the most perfect love can come from no one but the Hero of my life.  You don't have to look, want, try, or search any farther for it.  And this song couldn't put it any better.  Ahhh I just love it.

I have been learning a lot about loving others tho while I have been here. Like a crazy lot.  Love is so so much more than the word we say.  Its our life and the way we live it.  Today, we had the best session so far, and the speaker was so convicting and made the topic relevant to my life.  He talked on character.  It was the greatest.  I really cant even put it into words how great it was.  I have just been so touched since I have been here. 

I also just wanna fill you guys in a little on our outreach location.  We have been going to a trailer park in Columbus and helping kids with homework.  It has been.....incredible.  Honestly.  I have made relationships with these kids, and they are soooo so sweet.  I love them already.  They have dubbed me "Juicy", confusing the pronunciation of "Yutzy" with the fruity drink :]  But it has been so cool. 

I realize this post has been all over the place, and I am very sorry.  I just need to process all the things that have been happening over the past couple days, and then I will elaborate more.  I love you guys!  Thanks for the prayers and support!

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